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Ceramic patio table Collection

Ceramic patio table

Ceramic patio table

Every product is hand made

Which gives the Ceramic a true warm look.It provides for unlimited presentation options.

Paint By hand

Microwave Resistant

Dishwasher safe

Freeser Safe

Giotti Ceramiche , a very important company in the national and international market for nearly 75 years, is the leader in the production of tables tops, to full fil all the demands by the most particular and sophisticated customers, for the serious and scrupulous dedication in the choice of raw materials, for the high professional is in each process, for the decorative creativity reflecting, with a perfect harmony, the ancient ceramics art.
The already precious collection of decorated majolica tables is now enriched with new decorations.

Features of the ceramic patio table in progress

Each majolica table produced by our company, must be considered unique for:

-The shape of the object, shaped by our master artisan, can hardly have the same size, in millimetric terms.

-The mark and the shade of an hand-painted decoration on the object, made by the master decorators, can appear slightly different, from timeto time.

– The kiln, in the double (sometimes even triple) firing, dashes any hopes if someone would ever try to perfectly reproduce each model.

Technical features of a finished majolica table. Our company guarantees that our majolica tables, considering the materials used, are suitable for Indoor and Outdoor use, resistant to a temperature up to –29°, without any risk of breaking or colours changing.
Terms for a personalized production. Our company is willing to take into account to produce personalized projects, realizing models that are not included in our catalogue, after having set all the production costs and time required to make it. Decorations can be adapted to any size and shape present on the list of the tables tops produced. In the catalogue an important series of patterns has been selected; in addition to the models you suggest, in our archive you may find other suggestions, you can choose, when you order your item.
The modifications to the prototypes must be jointly set in every single part, including the amount of the estimate. Any claim must be fully documented. 

Ceramic patio table Set

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